How It Works


Lore CPD works on a US platform called Thinkific, so using a third party website, like this one, to capture payments, means you are not charged for international payments.

Once you have booked on a course, you will receive a link to our course platform, to register a password and set up your learning account. This URL is:

Please check your junk folder if you do not immediately receive. Please also check your emails for an email from

once you have clicked through from here or the website, you will be asked to provide a password.

PLEASE NOTE. After initial registration and set up of password, you will not receive an email for every course you enrol on thereafter. Simply use the link above; insert your email and password again and the course will be there for you.

if you do not receive an email of enrolment, just follow the steps above for your new courses and they will be be in your learning area. DO NOT re-register another account under the same email as that just confuses the system more.

Whilst 99% of courses are able to be accessed immediately, some require additional payment security information that means it may not be instant. Pease don’t email us abusive language at 3am, expecting an immediate reply; please do send an Email to let us know the situation and we will try and rectify it within 24 hours from receipt between Monday to Friday. But please be assured we will deal with it as soon as we can.

Again,This is your Lore CPD learning area, where your courses and certificates will be held. This website just works for the payments. The link above is where you need to verify sign up, passwords and access your courses. 

Please ensure you keep your user name and password for Lore Learning areas as we may not always be able to recover them for you.

All courses are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and your certificate date will be issued on the date that you complete the course, so you can buy courses in advance if necessary.